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PhenoLab – an experience of encounter

  The PhenoLab, A Theoretical Laboratory in Phenomenology and Mental Health is born out of an encounter between an Academic, Prof. Francesca Brencio , and a physician ,   Dr. Prisca Bauer .  Both have a deep interest in mental health and bring different, yet complementary, ways of investigating and understanding experiences.       With the support of Prof. Stefan Schmidt , Head of the Systemic Research and Psychotherapy Section at the Department of Psychosomatic Medicine  at the Freiburg Medical Centre (Germany) Prof. Brencio founded a small group in November 2019. This group brings together physicians, medical students, psychologists and scientists who work in the field of mind-brain theories and share an interest in understanding the phenomenological method in the field of mental health.   Once a week Prof. Brencio lectured this growing group of people on the history of phenomenology and on seminal psychiatrists. This helped them to learn about some fundamental concepts whic

Latest Posts

Full Program - A. Y. 2022-2023

Prof. Dr. Michel Bitbol (Emeritus Directeur de recherche at CNRS, Paris, France), Phenomenology and Mindfulness

Prof. Dr. Dr. Thomas Fuchs (Heidelberg University Hospital, Germany) Anorexia as Disembodiment

Prof. Dr. Dr. Thomas Fuchs (Heidelberg University Hospital, Germany) - In Defence of the Human Being, book launch

Dr. Richard Gipps (University of Oxford, UK), Contra Ipseity

Prof. Dr. Dan Zahavi (University of Copenhagen, Denmark) Critical phenomenology and psychiatry

Prof. Dr. Karin Dahlberg, (Emeritus) (Linnaeus University, Sweden) The in-betweenness of phenomenology and its essential value in the care of vulnerable persons


PhenoLab: future and new pathways

Prof. Dr. Anna Bergqvist (Manchester Metropolitan University - UK) The Phenomenology of Mutual Trust and Self-Ownership in Borderline Personality Disorder: Reassessing Hope in Recovery

Prof. Dr. Matthew Broome (University of Birmingham – UK), Psychiatry as a Vocation: moral injury and the phenomenology of clinical practice.