PhenoLab: future and new pathways

Almost two years are passed since the PhenoLab was born, through the encounter of different experiences of a philosopher (Francesca Brencio, Lead of the PhenoLab) and a clinician (Prisca Bauer, Co-Lead), who share many common interests, among which the issue of mental health and its treatments. 

Originally born with the support of the Systemic Research and Psychotherapy Section at the Department of Psychosomatic Medicine at the Freiburg Medical Centre (Germany), from October 2021 the PhenoLab activities proceed autonomously.

The PhenoLab maintains its format as an online series of activities.

Both an empirical circumstance (the COVID-19 pandemic) and the growing interest in the field of phenomenology and mental health have allowed us to bring people from different regions of the world together, in a space which is unique for its openness and transdisciplinary. This is surely a sign of great hope for us: building bridges among philosophers and mental health workers can help to develop different skills and tools to care for people, not merely to treat a disease.

The PhenoLab is open for collaborations with Departments of Philosophy and Schools of Medicine, as well as Schools of Psychiatry and Psychology, and research groups in the field of mental health.

The need to promote and improve the interdisciplinary dialogue between phenomenology and mental health sciences is at the core of our efforts and nourishes our vision of a dialogue between medicine and philosophy, with at its centre the person with her constitutive vulnerability as a potential transformative resource in the healing journey.

                                                                    Paul Jackson Pollock

From October 2021 the PhenoLab activities will be divided in three types:

I. Reading group: scheduled on every first and third Tuesday of the month, the aim of this activity is to read and discuss together with participants a selection of texts from the phenomenological tradition. Through the supervisor of a philosopher specialised in each proposed author, the reading group aims at facilitating the understanding of the phenomenological method and its possible use in the field of mental health.
The programme for the reading group will be announced shortly, and the materials to read and discuss will be sent in advance by email to the people interested in being part of the mailing list.
The duration of the activity will be 1 hour and half.

II. Academic Lectures: scheduled once a month, a keynote speaker will be invited to present his/her work followed by a discussion
The duration of the activity will be 1 hour and half.
They will be alternated with the third activity of the PhenoLab.

III. Encountering mental health workers: scheduled once a month, a professional in the field of mental health will be invited to share how he/she handles with pragmatical issues in their practice, in order to show how phenomenology may be empirically helpful in daily practices. The encounter will be followed by a short discussion.
The duration of the activity will be 1 hour and half.
The timetable for each encounter will be announced once week before each activity.

The PhenoLab will start on October 19, 2021 h. 16.45 CET

Lectures and discussions will be held in English.
For any query or information, and to receive the link for the online activities please contact



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